miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011


Aún no tengo muy clara la fecha exacta, aunque seguramente sea en la primera o segunda semana de Julio. 
Tampoco se con certeza si estaré un día o dos, pero lo que es seguro es que voy a ir. 
Tras mi última visita y la publicación de las fotos con Mistress Bárbara, fueron muchos los que me preguntaron si iba a volver. Pues aquí está mi respuesta para ellos.
En los próximos días iré concretando más detalles.

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011


Hi kids, You missed me, didn´t you? Well here I am, to calm your anxieties and resolve your doubts and concerns. I suspected that the exciting topic of moneyslavery would generate them, and I was right.

I will go straight to the point. As I said in my previous post, my financial submissive ones can not be a fucking whiners and if they embark on the exciting adventure of financing my expenses, whims, and anything that comes out of my ass have to keep in mind that there is no flexibility in the conditions (or quantities).

However, in almost all areas there are classes, grades, ranks ... so why limit myself to one or two financial submissive people being able to have many others more? And why avoid any of my subs / worshipers / followers collaborating for me to be rolling in money and I wipe the boot soles in hundred-euro bills?

When my previous website was on, many people told me about their desire to please financially and their frustration at not being able to do so because of their economic situation. As usual I had a great idea for them. I chose a gift that thrilled to me, put a picture, put the price and indicated my paypal account, where known and unknown little dogs could make their contributions, but the quantity was a problem. And it was really fantastic to see how the account grow. Women are extremely complex and need many things to feel hundred percent satisfied, but being presented with a gift (and get it right) is always loved . Because, to be honest, words are well ...

"You are a Goddess"
"Your feet are the most beautiful I've ever seen"
"It would be an honor to serve you"
"Make me whatever you want"
"Their pictures on the web do not do justice, is far more impressive and beautiful in person"
"I need to be owned for you"

Yes, feeling that worship and the power it confers is actually charming, but not only I like to hear that. Because, for which have not understood yet, I am a frivolous materialist, and I love that men and women scratching their pocket for me.

So if you're one of those who wish to contribute for me to have everything I want, I offer you the chance. If you are poor, twenty, thirty or fifty euro may make you just a little poorer, but I will love to see the tremendous effort you make for me to be just a little richer.

You just have to click on the Paypal icon, open an account (simple for even the most foolish), select "send money" and add my account music_shop101@hotmail.com.

Come on, you know that I deserve a birthday party every day.


As foreshadowed in my recent post, over the past few months and without leaving my level of demand aside, I managed to get myself a good herd of submissives, willing to please me and make me spend whiles full of fun. As the variety is the spice and I'm a lucky girl, I have a bit of everything in my harem. Foot Fetish , bondage enthusiasts, pigs hardcore , masochistic and multipurpose ones that accept anything to satisfy me and many others I do not want to dwell with.

But I think, and you will agree with me that a little detail from time to time is less than I deserve ...

What I want is a couple of financial submissive people that defray part of the necessary expenses for me to maintain or increase, without effort, the standard of living that I like and it is befitting. Firstly because I wet the panties every time I take the bread from a guy. Secondly, because in such a way I will probably have to spend less time working and therefore will have more time to devote myself to what I like: having fun. And, by extension, you will get benefit. I will travel more and keep the AM travel section (which you love) updated or will have my time occupied in a nice photo shoot for your enjoyment, or record a video session for your penis delight.

Perhaps you are interested in applying for one of these vacancies? Well, there are some things you should know:

I'm not interested In shoddy financial submissive person type "expect something in return." What I want is to squeeze you what I want and no thank you, nor by word neither by fact. The only thing that you would receive in return would be some odd mention on my website or my blog, but only for everybody else knows that Mistress Marta takes advantage of you, that you're the idiot who AM ignores and fleeces. She is only interested in your checking account and will not even put herself out to raise her hand to give you a spanking. That statement and the fact that everyone knows your condition will be your little moment of glory.

I am not willing nor to hear rolls neither dramas like, "I've received the car insurance bill and go a little short of money" No, that's not my business, stupid. If you do not serve to satisfy my whims you do not need to leave your mousetrap. If an unexpected expense comes to you and you can not eat beef, eat powdered soup, give me what is mine and do not fill me with your shit.

You will keep in the shade while I want so, being happy knowing that your dull existence makes sense every time I spend your bread. It will not be relevant for you the use I give to the results of your daily effort, imagine a smile on my face for having got what I wanted. will be enough for you. It will be the same to you if I spend your bread on brand shoes in a men's perfume in a spa circuit, in a trip, in a car or in an invitation to a dinner at that hot guy that probably will invite to my bed afterward. (yes, indeed, from time to time I like to pay the bill). I will not have to give you any explanation, send pictures or fax the ticket of the shopping. Maybe I will, but only to keep rubbing your noise in how much I enjoy at your expenses.

And it occurs to me that, from time to time, may post a video pissing in a € 500 note and burning it then to remind you that I do not need your money and you will not be doing me any favor. On the other hand, I'll be doing it to you: A cute, wayward and exploited girl will know of your existence

I have some thing else to say about this topic, but it's eight o'clock on Sunday and I have plans. I will go on at another time.

Some of them, regardless of the direction of theirs deviations, have been able to make me a little more happy presenting me with details which have almost always been to my liking, from high heel shoes, perfume or lingerie to toys for my arsenal.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011


A finales de la semana pasada conocí a uno de esos hombres objeto que hay por el mundo. Tal denominación no se refiere a que sea  objeto de deseo allá por donde pasa, sino más bien a que tiene una tecla que lo deshumaniza y lo convierte en alfombra, o en suelo, o en un lagar lleno de uvas que aplastar para extraer el mosto.

Su parte humana tuvo el detalle de obsequiarme con un juguete fabricado por él. La idea me sedujo bastante, pero utilizarlo me conquistó por completo. El trampling entraña algunas dificultades y requiere equilibrio y fuerza, pero el facebox elimina la parte difícil y deja únicamente la placentera.

No pude resistir la tentación de hacer unas fotografías y, aunque entre el difuminado y la congelación de la imagen, no se pueda aprciar lo excitante de la acción, tampoco voy a resistirme a compartirlas con vosotros.

Más tarde, la parte humana de mi "alfombra-suelo", comentó en mi facebook,  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ama-Marta/185019458213722#!/pages/Ama-Marta/185019458213722, que la sesión había sido increíble y he de decir que estoy de acuerdo. Sin embargo, pienso que se puede mejorar bastante. Pero me reservo los detalles del perfeccionamiento para un próximo encuentro.

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